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Mentor Tools & Resources

New to UROP mentorship or looking for advice to help you in your work with UROPs?

Curated Resources

Our team has curated these resources, best practices, and how-to-guides to aid all UROP mentors—whether you’re planning your first UROP, or looking for practical advice to help you be the best mentor possible. Of course, our team is always here to answer questions, provide advice, or help you further as well.

Resources prepared in 2021 by UROP Graduate Fellow Nina Lutz with input from UROP staff & building upon resources from the Facilitating Effective Research Workshop series.

Starting your mentorship journey

When you are just starting to think about working with UROP students, preparation is key. First things first: start by familiarizing yourself with some UROP basics. Learn about the goals of UROP from both the student and mentor perspective and program logistics.

Finding UROP Students

Virtually every lab, center, and academic department at MIT offers UROPs. Learn how make your opportunities stand out – from the nuts and bolts of creating UROP advertisements to responding to student inquires and interviewing ideal UROP candidates.

Working with UROP students

Mentors and supervisors are at the heart of every UROP experience. Understanding how to plan appropriately sized UROP projects, building and maintaining effective communication and strong mentoring relationships with your UROPs will help ensure that the UROP experience is transformational, and will set the stage for opportunities that continue on long after your project is done.

Helpful Templates and Resources

Looking for templates and additional resources to help you in your role as a UROP mentor? We’ve got you covered – the following templates should help you in recruiting and onboarding UROPs and as you look to continue to expand in your role as a mentor and intellectual guide. Of course, we also welcome you to contact the UROP team with questions or should you need additional resources that you cannot find on this site.