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About UROP


When you participate in a UROP, you’re doing much more than working with faculty on research – you’re creating opportunities that will last long after you complete your project or projects. Thinking about an internship? Your first job after graduation? A move into the health professions or graduate school? Every UROP is an opportunity to get closer to making your goals a reality. 

Build your skills and professional network

During your UROP, you’ll hone important technical competencies that are essential to conducting effective research, as well as build soft skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and effective communication. Over the course of your experience you’ll develop relationships with faculty, graduate students, and other mentors who can make introductions that strengthen and broaden your professional network. These skills and connections can give you an important advantage when it comes to launching your career or continuing your education.  

Make your mark while making an impact

UROP exemplifies MIT’s commitment to learning to uniting theory and practice, and is at the forefront of the Institute’s experiential learning model. It gives students the chance to put MIT’s mind and hand motto into action, and helps us realize our mission of advancing knowledge that serves the nation and the world. Real research, real impact. That’s UROP: research the MIT way. 

Visit our Students page for details and advice on finding and maximizing your UROP experiences.