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DLC Coordinator UROP System Help

The UROP application and approval process is handled online and requires MIT Touchstone and DUO authentication in order to access the site. Students must initiate their online applications no later than 5 PM on the posted UROP deadline for the given term/mode of participation. NOTE: the system is NOT available between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EDT due to regularly scheduled server maintenance. Details to help you navigate the online system and UROP application review process are provided below. 

Your UROP homepage is available at: 

From this URL you have options to:

  • View proposals awaiting your review,
  • Search for UROP projects (various options are provided so that you can find current/past projects in your UROP department, with a particular faculty member, etc.)
  • Produce reports on your department’s UROP participation rates, and
  • View the list of faculty authorized in your department.

Reviewing Online Proposals

When applications await review, you will see a message with application count below the link labeled Proposals in Department review.

  1. Clicking the link will provide you with the list of students with submitted applications
  2. Simply click the link on a student’s name to review the application and the View Proposal link to read a PDF version of the student’s proposal.
  3. If any required fields are missing, then you will see an error message at the top of the page.
  4. To correct errors/omissions, click the Edit Application button and the Save Application button once edits are complete.
  5. To approve the application and submit it to UROP staff for final review and approval, select the Submit to UROP Staff button
  6. If you feel the student needs to expand/revise proposal or otherwise alter the submission, you may return the application to the student with a comment about what’s required. Note: when applications are returned to the student, s/he must initiate a new application and resubmit it to correct errors/omissions. Students will not be able to initiate a new application after the UROP deadline for the given term has passed. Contact UROP staff at: with any questions or concerns.

Searching UROP Projects

To look up current/past projects supervised by faculty in your department, select the Search UROP records link. The search page allows you to find projects by year or year range, student and/or faculty member name, student ID, UROP type, application status, and a number of other options. If you are unsure about the spelling of a given name, partial search is possible using the % symbol after a few letters (e.g. smit%) as this will retrieve all records that begin with the given letter combination. You can customize query results by project detail, student or faculty contact information, or extract student or faculty email lists. Results can also be exported in Excel format.

Note: Only those UROPs supervised from Fall 1995 to present are available for online viewing.

Running UROP Reports

You may need various reports that detail UROP participation in your area. To obtain such reports and summary statistics for your department, simply click on the Request UROP Reports link.

From the Reports page, you may either:

  • Select a term-specific funding type report by term and UROP department, or
  • Select a statistical UROP summary by term, academic year (fall-spring only), or full UROP year (e.g. fall-summer).

Note: Once the given report is produced, you may choose to download it in Excel or PDF format. Reports can only be run on data from Fall 2003 to present.

Verifying Faculty Authorizations for Your Department

We ask that you periodically review the list of individuals currently authorized to serve as faculty supervisors in your area.

  • To access the authorized faculty list, simply click on the Faculty Authorizations link on your homepage .
  • From this Faculty Search and Authorization Form, you may search authorizations by faculty name, email, address, or phone or view a complete authorized list.
  • Please contact UROP staff at to notify us of any authorization updates.