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Proposals and Evaluations

Proposals and end of term evaluations are important parts of the UROP process and are submitted via the formal online UROP Application System as detailed below.

UROP Proposals

Proposals are student-authored descriptions of planned research for a given semester (typically 1-3 pages in length) that are a critical component to the formal online student application.

Each proposal must include the following components:

  • Term and names of faculty and direct Supervisor(s)
  • Location(s) of research (on-campus or off-campus, room #, etc.)
  • Descriptive project overview — Provide background on the UROP project including overall project aim, context & scope.
  • Specific research role & tentative work plan – Describe what you are contributing to the project. Be specific about your personal duties & what you will be responsible for accomplishing throughout the term.
  • Goals – Explain your personal goals for the UROP, including any anticipated deliverables.
  • Personal statement – Briefly describe why you are interested in this UROP & what you hope to learn from it.
  • New/updated proposals are required every term, even if continuing the same project. Continuing proposals should reflect on prior project progress & describe the specific element(s) to be tackled during the upcoming term.
  • Poorly written, incomplete, or duplicated proposals are not acceptable. UROP staff will email students about any required proposal revisions necessary prior to approval. 

Need help writing your proposal?

Writing assistance is available from your research supervisor, research group colleagues, and the MIT Writing and Communication Center. UROP staff are also happy to provide additional advice.

UROP End of Term Evaluations

We require evaluations from both students and their faculty supervisors at the end of each term/summer of UROP participation. These evaluations are submitted via webforms within the UROP application system and are due regardless of UROP type and even when students continuing the same UROP to keep UROP staff up to date on your research.


Submit evaluations via the UROP feedback form accessible within the online UROP system student homepage. Students should address UROP progress, accomplishments, learning outcomes, and detail any problems or questions they might have.

Faculty Supervisors

Faculty supervisors can likewise submit their feedback via their online UROP system Faculty Supervisor homepage or may send it email to UROP supervisors should assess student progress and contributions to the research group, areas for improvement, etc.