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Bring your knowledge and commitment to UROP, and help create an unforgettable student experience.

Departmental Coordinators

UROP departmental coordinators play an important role in making projects a success for both students and mentors. As a coordinator, you’re involved in many different aspects of the UROP process: everything from reviewing proposals and applications, to clarifying policies and procedures and serving as liaison to the UROP team. You also serve as an ongoing resource for students, answering their questions and helping them navigate the process.  

Understanding your role

Departmental coordinators handle a range of responsibilities through every stage of the UROP process, with most breaking into five key areas. 

  • Student engagement As a coordinator, you’ll work with students to help them understand the skills and experience they’ll need to conduct research in your DLC, and you’ll share strategies and opportunities for connecting with research mentors. 
  • Project plans You’ll review project plans that have been submitted by students and approved by faculty, evaluating project descriptions, financial requests, and appropriateness. After the project plan included in your application proposal has been approved by your department, center, or lab, you’ll forward it to us for final approval. 
  • Regulations You’ll be responsible for ensuring academic rigor and research value in potential projects, interpreting the requirements of your department, and clarifying policies and procedures related to departmental review.
  • Ongoing advising Students will look to you for advice on navigating various aspects of UROP.  You’ll answer their questions and help them identify potential supervisors or secure financing.
  • Coordination You’ll keep us updated on any issues or concerns related to a UROP in your department, and interface with us regularly on a range of administrative issues.

Payroll Coordinators

Support students by ensuring timely and accurate compensation for their work, so that they can stay focused on making the most of their UROP experience.

Financial support matters

The majority of our students participate in paid UROPs that provide hourly compensation over the course of a given term (as opposed to a lump-sum stipend).

As a payroll coordinator, you help provide students with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they will be paid on-time and without glitches. In your role, you’ll handle a range of responsibilities, including activating students in Atlas,  running quarterly reports, and processing weekly payroll.

See Payroll Guidelines for Pay Coordinators for more details.