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Wellesley College Students

Wellesley College students are eligible to UROP provided that they are cross-registered at MIT for each term in which their UROPs take place.

Important Information for Wellesley College Students

During the 2021-22 academic year, MIT will allow vaccinated Wellesley College undergraduate to cross-register for in person UROPs.

To access MIT’s campus students Wellesley students will need to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination into MIT COVIDpass – see detailed instructions for cross-registration (required no later than by January 3 for IAP UROPS) and formal UROP application submission below. 

Wellesley students can only cross-register at MIT for one UROP position, either paid (sponsored research), credit or volunteer. Wellesley is allowing students to register for academic credit for one course.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After cross-registering for IAP, you will likely need to submit your UROP application well before the final IAP application deadline (January 11, 2022)  in order to get lab access – as many departments will want to verify UROP status before granting access.

Student Advice & Resources

If you’re excited by the possibility of doing real-world research with MIT faculty and researchers, they you’re ready to UROP.

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