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Wellesley College Students

Wellesley College students are eligible to UROP provided that they are cross-registered at MIT for each term in which their UROPs take place.

Important Information for Wellesley College Students

Wellesley College undergraduates must cross-register for UROPs each semester.

To access MIT’s campus students Wellesley students will need to upload proof of COVID-19 vaccination into MIT COVIDpass – see detailed instructions for cross-registration and formal UROP application submission below. 

For details on funding resources that Wellesley College makes available to their students (in the event your faculty supervisor does not have funds for you) – details can be found on the Wellesley College Science Center Student Research and Funding Opportunities page.

IMPORTANT NOTE: After cross-registering for fall (due no later than 10.07.22), you will likely need to submit your formal online UROP application well before the final fall application deadline (11.01.22)  in order to get lab access – as many departments will want to verify UROP status before granting access.

Student Advice & Resources

If you’re excited by the possibility of doing real-world research with MIT faculty and researchers, they you’re ready to UROP.

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