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Remote Appointment Guidance for UROP Students

UROP students planning to work remotely should be sure to heed the guidance provided on this page.

UROP students doing remote paid UROP work in a U.S. state other than Massachusetts should be aware there may be tax implications in that other state for receiving pay while in that state, and should consult the relevant local tax authority for guidance.    

For UROP students planning to work remotely in foreign countries, MIT has developed a framework for allowing eligible students to proceed with anticipated work from outside the US. These opportunities are only available for UROP students who are not otherwise expected to be on campus for in-person learning (for example, UROP students during the summer term who are not enrolled in other courses). Further information and eligibility criteria are detailed below.  

We require that all UROP students complete the UROP location form to confirm their location during IAP and the summer term, whether they intend their research to be remote or on-campus.  Location forms must be submitted, ASAP upon submission of your UROP application, as applications cannot be approved without location details.

UROP for Pay

Can I earn pay for UROP work overseas?

Generally, MIT expects all enrolled undergraduate students to conduct any U.S.-based employment opportunities from inside the U.S. Exceptions to this include employment opportunities that require remote work or research obligations (e.g., field research), students on an approved leave, or for short-term periods of time abroad (i.e., less than 30 days).  

What if I am facing absolute barriers or significant hardship?  

MIT also recognizes that some students may face absolute barriers or other significant hardship that require them to remain/travel abroad. Therefore, there is limited flexibility on a case-by-case basis for UROP students who encounter these personal situations to work while abroad. Please note: absolute barriers are narrow and are limited to situations such as visa delays, travel bans, and border closures, where a student is prevented from travelling to campus/the U.S. Examples of significant hardship include attending to a family emergency or other personal emergency.  

How do I get permission to work overseas due to absolute barriers or significant hardship?

UROP students who would like to request permission to work internationally due to absolute barriers or significant hardship (see above) should obtain approval from their supervisor and contact UROP Office Staff at or 617-253-7306. The UROP office will work with them to prepare an intake request that will be reviewed by MIT’s Remote International Appointments Review Team. We ask that whenever possible students work with the UROP office to submit an intake form prior to starting work abroad.  

If I am not facing barriers or hardship, do I need approval to work overseas? 

Generally, UROP students who are abroad specifically to conduct field work, or for under 30 days, need only obtain approval from their supervisor and the UROP office (no intake form needs to be completed for these students). However, please see below for information about review of potential UROP work in specific countries.  

Can I do UROP for credit overseas rather than pay?  

Students living abroad may also opt for a credit-only UROP. For summer credit UROPs, tuition will be waived up to 18 units.

General Guidelines for Work in Specific Countries 

All student UROP work involving the following countries will require review by MIT’s Remote International Appointments Review Team:  

  • Iran 
  • Syria 
  • Cuba 
  • North Korea 
  • China (including Hong Kong) 
  • Russia 
  • Saudi Arabia 
  • Crimea, Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk People’s Republic regions of Ukraine.  

The UROP Office will identify UROP applicants who plan to be outside of the U.S., and will arrange the review for projects taking place in the above-referenced countries.   

Note that UROP work involving Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Ukraine or Russia may not proceed until the remote appointment review has occurred and a decision is issued. Projects involving China (including Hong Kong) or Saudi Arabia may commence before a review decision is issued. 

Please complete the UROP location form to let us know your planned UROP research location, ASAP upon submission of your UROP application. For IAP and summer, we require all students to complete this form to confirm their location, whether research is intended to be remote or on-campus.  

If you any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to the UROP Office

Additional Guidance

  • No matter where a UROP is conducted, please remember the need to comply with all MIT policies and procedures, as well as any commitments to sponsors or other third parties. For helpful guidance, please see: (1) these detailed safety and export control guidelines and (2) this website on information security protections.