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Participation Considerations

UROP projects take place across the Institute in any academic department or interdisciplinary laboratory – both during the academic year and over the summer. Projects can last last an entire semester, but many continue for a year or more.

While the majority of projects take place on-campus, there are also department-specific options to explore and occasionally opportunities to research off-campus as well as.

There are also a number of available compensation options and the decision to receive pay, credit, or volunteer is something students decide in consultation with faculty supervisors. 

Some Things to Consider 

  • During any given term or summer, students may not receive pay and credit for the same UROP project. Also, while UROP research may become thesis work, students may not earn UROP pay or credit for their thesis research during the semester(s) in which they are registered for thesis credit.
  • If students participate in UROPs for pay or as a volunteer and contribute 80 hours or more to the project during the given term, they are eligible to receive an undergraduate research transcript notation (URN). This notation is added to transcripts at the end of term.
  • Note that due to international tax and compliance issues, MIT is not able to offer paid UROPs to undergraduate students not physically located in the United States.  However, students living abroad may opt for a credit-only UROP.

If you have questions or concerns about UROP options, please contact UROP staff for advice and assistance.