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DLC Coordinator Proposal Review

As UROP Coordinator, you are asked to review all UROP proposals from your department, laboratory or center prior to submission to UROP staff for review and approval. Applications are reviewed via the online UROP system (see Online System Help for details and instructions). 

Please familiarize yourself with the proposal guidelines set forth below to help with your review of submitted applications. Proposals that are not appropriate for UROP consideration (i.e. proposed work is not worthy of academic credit in your department), should not be forwarded to UROP staff. 

Students are required to submit updated research proposals every semester/summer in which they wish to pursue UROP research. Each proposal should demonstrate that the student has a clear understanding of their faculty supervisor’s expectations and their specific duties. 

Your online approval or hard-copy signature indicate that you approve of the student’s proposed research plan and believe it to be academically sound.

UROP proposals must include:

  • A research proposal describing the planned research for the term,  including context and scope of project
  • The student’s specific role and duties with regard to the project and in the lab group
  • The location of research facilities (i.e. on-campus or off-campus)
  • A tentative work plan and schedule for the project.
  • An explanation of why the project interests the student including personal goals for the term (academic and/or personal, e.g. the student hopes to apply classroom learning to real-world problem, prepare for a professional degree or career; gain experience in a field outside/related to major, etc.)

Note: Poorly written, incomplete, or duplicated proposals will not be reviewed by UROP staff. In such cases, we will notify the student and indicate the need for clarification and/or editing.