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Faculty & Other Mentors

Expectations & Guidelines

As a UROP faculty supervisor you play an important role in a student’s UROP experience. You ensure that each project meets your department’s academic standards, and that it provides a rigorous growth experience for students.  You’ll also serve as a student’s intellectual guide through the course of their UROP. They will look to you for feedback, oversight, and mentorship. They’ll depend on open communication, constructive feedback, fairness, and respect. We’re here to help you understand how you can make UROP the very best it can be. 

At the start of a UROP

Students submit a detailed project plan/proposal as part of their UROP application. As a supervisor, you’ll review and approve applications before they are submitted to department coordinators and UROP staff.

Learn more about UROP proposals.

Safety issues

As a UROP supervisor or mentor, you are responsible for the health and safety of your UROP students. We’ve compiled in-depth information about the regulations, expectations, and best practices related to keeping students and staff safe.

Learn more about safety issues.

Funding and credit

Students have a variety of options for participating in a UROP. Learn about paid UROPs and how they can be funded, as well as the option for students to complete projects for academic credit, or to volunteer on a limited basis to explore a new area when students do not have the time to commit fully to a paid or credit UROP or in terms when students just need to complete a bit of additional research begun  during an earlier UROP.

The maximum UROP direct funding award (pay from UROP office resources) for fall and spring is $2,325 (150 total hours) and $7,440 (480 total hours) for the summer – paid at a $15.50/hr rate. If funded by the UROP office, students cannot exceed their award amounts – students and faculty are expected to keep hours worked within these limits. Failure to stay within funding limits may impact student eligibility for UROP funds and overages may become the responsibility of the faculty supervisor.

UROP funding limits and hourly rate are current for the 2023-24 academic year and are subject to change. Faculty who pay UROP students from their own resources are not held to these maximums, but must pay UROP students at least $15.50/hr.

NOTE: Due to cost sharing regulations paid UROPs must be funded by a single source in a given term (e.g. either fully funded by UROP or fully funded by faculty). Faculty cannot supplement UROP funded wages to pay a student more than the maximum UROP award or more than the standard UROP hourly rate.

Understand all compensation options

Evaluating students

At the end of each UROP period, you’ll be asked to evaluate students. It’s your chance to provide UROP staff with important feedback about your students’  work, and it helps us strengthen the UROP program.

Learn more about evaluations.