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Payroll Coordinator UROP System Help

The UROP application and approval process is handled online and requires MIT Touchstone and DUO authentication in order to access the site. Students must initiate their online applications no later than 5 PM on the posted UROP deadline for the given term/mode of participation. NOTE: the system is NOT available between the hours of 1 a.m. and 5 a.m. EDT due to regularly scheduled server maintenance. Details to help you navigate the online system and UROP application review process are provided below. 

Your UROP homepage is available at:​

From this URL you have options to:

  • View recent approved or cancelled paid UROP projects
  • Search paid UROP records for your department, and
  • Run various reports on paid UROP participation

Reviewing Recently Approved/Cancelled paid UROP projects

Students receive emails alerting them of the need to see you for payroll processing. You will also be able to view the required payroll information for your students from your UROP homepage.

  • If any of your department’s paid UROPs have been approved and/or cancelled in the last week. To access these proposals, click the Recently Approved/Cancelled paid UROP projects link, which will provide you with a list of students recently approved/cancelled. You will see a message that notes the number of proposals with changed statuses under this header as well.
  • Click on the student’s name to view their project detail, which lists their term pay information, including stipend amount, hourly rate, and account number(s) that will be fed to the SAP payroll system for you to process activations. You will activate approved students on the MIT payroll see Atlas for Student Appointments and to enter/approve student time.