Locate Available Opportunities

There is no one way to find a UROP, many students use a variety of strategies to find the project that is right for them.  Here are some tips to get you started.

  • Network! Talk with advisors, faculty, UROP Coordinators, graduate students, post-docs and other undergraduates. Speak with your recitation instructors and teaching assistants who may be involved in research projects.
  • Explore advertised opportunities, but know that these represent a mere fraction of available projects - many faculty members do not rely on advertisements to find students—they know that undergraduates will find them through subjects, seminars, IAP events, or by word of mouth.
  • Check department and lab websites– read about faculty research interests and look at their individual lab group pages to learn more about current projects and recent publications. Keep a running list of faculty with research of interest to you.
  • Email faculty and researchers who are working on projects that are of interest to you!
  • Speak with UROP staff—we are happy to help and can provide faculty suggestions and other advice related to your search.