UROP Deadlines

Due to the continued COVID-19 pandemic, most Fall 2020 UROPs will be remote experiences. Only MIT undergraduates who live on-campus in the fall may participate in in-person UROPs if the research project meets all safety and public health requirements; can be conducted within the confines of MIT’s limited campus space constraints; and has approval from the faculty sponsor/PI. All students must use our Fall 2020 proposal template and will need to complete the UROP Remote Location Form for Fall 2020.

Students must submit an online UROP application each term/summer they participate in UROP, even if continuing from a prior semester.  Students must submit online UROP applications to faculty supervisors for review no later than the applicable deadline dates listed in this section by term and proposal type.​ Students conducting UROPs for academic credit, must also be sure to register credit with the Registrar by the registration deadlines indicated for each term.  Students must submit an online UROP application each term/summer they participate in UROP, even if continuing from a prior semester.  

Any questions or concerns about UROP processes (finding a project, writing a proposal, submitting an application, etc.) or meeting these deadlines, should be addressed with UROP staff, ASAP. We can be reached via email to urop@mit.edu, by phone at 617-253-7306. 



Prior 2019-2020 Deadlines:

Summer 2020

  • UROP Direct Funding: May 7, 2020.
  • UROP Direct Funding (Limited): June 4, 2020. Application opens May 21 

    Due to Covid19-related circumstances, some UROP projects could not be arranged in time to meet the May 7 direct funding deadline.  This direct funding application cycle is for students unable to meet the May 7 deadline. Note that the available budget for this second funding cycle is extremely limited, and the maximum funding request is $5,000.  Applications submitted on or before the May 7 deadline may not be resubmitted for consideration. 
  • Supervisor/Sponsored Research Funding: July 9, 2020
  • Credit and Volunteer: July 9, 2020. To receive credit for summer UROPs, undergraduates must also register for the summer session. Please see the MIT Registrar's Summer Registration page for details. As announced previously, this summer students have the option to register for the summer session and receive credit for UROP at no cost (i.e., tuition is waived). Departments may set a cap on the number of units for their summer for-credit UROP subjects, but the cap may not exceed 18 units. Note that an 18 unit cap applies to the total number of units of UROP credit a student may register for this summer, whether is is in one UROP subject or spread out over multiple subjects.

    Departments will also determine whether students may receive a letter grade (i.e., A/B/C/D/F) or whether grading will be P/D/F for those subjects.  In the event that emergency academic regulations (EARs) are declared for the summer, it is possible that alternate grades (PE/NE) might be mandated, or the regulations could make an exception in the case of UROP grading. Note that students may not register for more than 18 total units of UROP credit over the summer. Summer credit registration deadline June 12th, any credit registration after June 12th will carry a $50 late fee.

NOTE: Wellesley Students must also heed an earlier cross-registration deadline and follow the instructions that apply specifically for cross-registered students.

Summer 2020 pay period: Monday, June 1, 2020 - Monday, August 31, 2020*. *This date changed from Monday, September 7 because the Fall 2020 hear is starting a week earlier due to COVID-19

Dates & Deadlines: