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Fall UROP Direct-Funding Deadline

MIT students – submit your online UROP application to your faculty supervisor no later than 11:59 (EDT) today to formalize your UROP and be considered for funding from UROP Office central resources.

Please be sure to follow UROP proposal guidelines for creating the research proposal you will upload in your application.

However, please note that UROP office funding is not guaranteed, and we typically receive more requests than our budget can accommodate. Therefore, please discuss alternate options with your supervisor as well.

UROP office direct funding decisions are announced via email after the funding deadline (starting 9/11 and for ~1-2 weeks thereafter).

Wellesley College students are not eligible to request UROP office direct funding, but may apply for faculty/DLC funding (sponsored research) – discuss funding availability with your supervisor.

Contact UROP staff, ASAP with any questions/concerns about the deadline:, 617-253-7306.