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Logistics of UROP

Here are seven steps to a great UROP experience for you and your student! 

1. Deadlines

Keep track of the posted formal UROP application deadlines

2. Compensation 

  • Decide with the student if they will be compensated through pay or creditNote: If your research plans include students conducting UROP research outside of Massachusetts or the US, please see the Remote Appointment Guidance for UROP Students for critical information.
    • Sponsored Research (funding from supervisor/DLC resources) vs. Direct Funding (funding from UROP Office central resources & not guaranteed) 
    • Pay rates – UROP minimum is $15.50/hr for the 2023-2024 academic year.
    • Credit – Determine Letter graded or Pass/Fail (some departments only offer Pass/Fail) and number of units that will be awarded. How will the UROP be graded? On what will their grade be based? 
    • Wellesley College – Wellesley students must first cross-register (early cross-reg deadline each term) and they are not eligible for UROP Direct Funding (may receive Sponsored Research).

3. Expectations 

  • Discuss your expectations for the term with them, so they have a clear understanding of: 
    • Safety requirements
    • Overall UROP expectations & guidelines
    • Communication norms and expectations 
    • Project deliverables 
    • Expectations for work and laboratory rules 
    • The metrics of success for them as a UROP student and for the project 
    • If a paid UROP, make sure they understand that they must submit timesheets detailing their hours on a weekly. Departmental payroll coordinators can advise on the timesheet submission and approval process.

4. Application 

  • Every UROP must submit a formal UROP application by the given term deadline (even if it’s a continuing UROP from a previous term)!
  • Applications must include a student-authored 1-3 page research proposal, clearly stating the project purpose and describing in detail their planned research duties. 
  • Your faculty advisor (or you if you are faculty) must review and approve your students’ UROP applications online
  • See Online System Help for instructions. 

5. Training and Safety 

  • By approving your students’ UROP applications, you are confirming not only your support for the academic content of the proposal, but also acknowledging that no UROP student is allowed to begin work in the lab until all departmental and Institute chemical hygiene and EHS training requirements have been fulfilled. 
  • Please communicate the hazards typically encountered in your laboratory as well as project-specific hazards to your UROP students before they begin and be sure they complete all requisite training. 
  • Follow EHS policy and protocol through ATLAS for all safety.
  • Be sure any UROP related-travel is registered via the MIT Travel registry well before departure.

6. Communication 

  • Throughout the term the student should be in consistent communication with their direct supervisor. They must also receive communication from and meet with the faculty supervisor. 
  • Supervisors are expected to ensure that paid UROP students are submitting timesheets each week they work and for confirming/approving submitted time. Your Departmental payroll coordinator can advise on the timesheet submission and approval processes applicable within your department.

7. Evaluation

Your student(s) must be evaluated at the end of each term. Feedback can be submitted via your Online UROP system homepage (only available to faculty supervisors) or by email to