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Topics to Address at Regular Check-ins with Mentors

Sometimes it can be helpful to formally reflect on the research that you have conducted in the past week or two, so consider regular check-ins with your UROP mentor – whether via email, Zoom, Slack, or in person.  The following questions should help get you think about topics to discuss at a regular check-in meeting.

  1. What did you plan to work on/accomplish in the past week or two?
  2. What did you actually work on/accomplish?
  3. Describe any challenges you faced and how you overcame them?
  4. Were there things you had planned to accomplish, but did not?
  5. How are you planning to accomplish any incomplete goals?
    1. What additional training/guidance would help you achieve these goals?
    2. What tools or resources might you need?
    3. What can your mentor do to help?
  6. What are some lessons learned (good and bad)?
  7. Define your goals for the next week or two. What do you plan to examine/complete?
  8. How did your experiences of the past week or two shape your plan for the coming weeks?

Given that we some groups are working hybrid schedules and/or others remotely, we encourage you to consider Best Practices for Learning Remotely that have been developed to help adjust to online learning.

MIT also has a variety of tools available to support remote learning and teaching, including enterprise versions of SlackWebEXZoom.  IS&T also provides Resources for Working Remotely During Campus Emergencies, which you may find useful.  

See also the EHS COVID-19 FAQ for details regarding EHS resources and information in light of COVID-19.