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Eloranta Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Prior Fellowship Recipients

Below are details on recent Fellowship recipients, including names, class year at time of Fellowship award, and proposal titles.

Fellowship Recipient List

2024 Recipients:
  • Etash Bhat ’27 + Mayu Nakano ‘ 27: Harnessing Glucose-Conjugated Lipid Nanoparticles and Rab 11 Enhancement for Targeted Therapy in Huntington’s Disease
  • Gosha Geogdzhayev ’24: Using Generative Artificial Intelligence to Improve the Representation of Climate Extremes in an Emulator Model
  • Kyle Guerre ’25: Development of High-Altitude Balloon Autonomous Navigation System (HABANS)
  • Tae Wook (Terry) Kim ’25: Inequality in Coffee Supply Chain
  • Cindy Xie ’24: The Poetics of Place in Asian Diasporic Storytelling
  • Ryan Yang ’24: A Study in Ink: The Intersection of Calligraphy and Street Art in East Asia
2023 Recipients:
  • Lily Chen ’24: Evaluating Gender Bias in Large Language Model (LLM) Machine Translation
  • Amelia Dogan ’23: Native Land Dispossession from Harvard’s Participation in the 1787 Massachusetts Land Lottery
  • Rihn Hong ’23: Characterizing and Sharing a New Paradigm of Fire + Flow Spinning Fans
  • Shicheng Hu ’24: Electrophilic Cyanation of Carbon- and Nitrogen-Based Nucleophiles by PIII/PV=O Catalyzed Deoxygenation of Cyanate Anions
  • Sabrina Liu ’24, Abigail Schipper ’24 + Charles Sloane ’25: The LifeSaveHer Project: Tackling Gender Disparities in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Outcomes
  • Thao Nguyen ’23: Rapid Immunoisolation of Cis- AND Trans- Golgi Subcompartments to Understand Golgi Composition + Trafficking
2022 Recipients:
  • Joseph Bonavia ’22:  A Device for the Acceleration and Imaging of Soft Projectiles at Moderate Speeds 
  • Amelia Dogan ’23: Understanding Implications of Indigenous Data Sovereignty for Environmental Data
  • Dana Haig ’22 + Karenna Groff ’22: Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDeA) Diagnostic: Maternal Mortality Intervention
  • Robert Koirala ’22: Metalsmithing in Nepal
  • Zoe Levitt ’22: Healing Through Song
  • Gabrielle Kaili-May Liu ’23: A Robot Rights Curriculum Informed by Western and Eastern Principles
2021 Recipients:
  • Caroline Bao ’23: A Robust and Reliable Deep Learning-based Mouse Behavioral Analysis Pipeline
  • Savva Morozov ’22: Iterative Model Learning and Generalization
  • Vaishnavi Phadnis ’22: Defining the Mechanistic Contributions of MMD to Ferroptosis Sensitivity
2020 Recipients:
  • Nicholas Bonaker ’21: Nomon: A Single Switch Interface for Assistive Technology
  • Fiona Chen ’21: A Study of Loneliness and its Effects on Academic Performance
  • Caleb Amanfu ’21, Jacqueline Chen ’21, DongNyung Lee ’21, John Rao ’21 and, Yi Yang ’21: Architectural Prescriptions for Fast Adaption During a Pandemic
  • Anthony Cheng ’20: From the lab to impact: analyzing the past, present, and future of hard-tech in decarbonizing the Industrial Sector
  • Emmanuel Havugimana ’20: Miniaturization of tractors for low-income farmers
  • Amy Jin ’21: Simple and precise at-home visual field tests for tracking eye disease progression
  • Seung-Hyun (Brianna) Ko ’21: Cross-Species Translational Modelling of Tuberculosis to Predict Vaccine Potency in Humans
  • Grace Kuffner ’20: Determining Best Practice Recommendations for Boston-Area Medical Professionals Treating LGBTQ+ Youth of Color
  • Audace Nakeshimana ’20: Analysis and Mitigation of Machine Learning Bias in Global Health – A Case Study of Medical Imaging Diagnostics in Rwanda
  • Zachary Pitcher ’20 and Catherine Zeng ’20: 3D Volumetric Display: Helical Swept-Volume Display
  • Sam Seaman ’21: Living Structures: Developing a Methodology for Evaluating Structural Performance in Living Wood
  • Natasha Stamler ’22: Earth Observation Applications for Resiliency: Geospatial Modeling of Urban Climate Vulnerability
2019 Recipients:
  • Julius Baldauf-Lenschen ’19: On the Moduli Space of Pseudoholomorphic Curves in Twistor Space
  • Meghan Davis ’21: Cardiovascular Disparities in Urban Black Women: A Comparative Analysis of Neighborhood Needs 
  • Desmond Edwards ’22: Developing an Inducible Promoter System for use in Rickettsia parkeri
  • Codrin Oneci ’21: Creating a Physical AI Ecosystem for UAV Applications
  • William “Bill” Pinney ’20: Engineering Camelid-derived Single Domain Antibody Fragments to Fight Malaria 
  • Jiajing “Judy” Wang ’19: Open Sesame: Redesigning the Vaginal Speculum 
2018 Recipients:
  • Abigail Anderson ’18Helping Hands and HUD: The Effectiveness of Housing Assistance programs in the Construction Process
  • Isaiah Borne ’18Impact of New Orleans Police Force Demographics on Mass Incarceration and Public Trust of Police
  • Anna Heidt ’19Class of 1982 Sequentiary: Bringing 7th Century Chant to the Modern Music World
  • Jesse Hinricher ’19Thermogalvanic Flow Cell: Prototype Development and Optimization 
  • Synthia Odu ’18Habeas Corpus (Present the Body)
  • Ankita Reddy ’19From Bench to Bedside: Bridging the Divide in Implementing Rapid Diagnostic Devices in India
2017 Recipients:
  • Emma Costa ’18: Nanoscale­level Reconstruction of Entire Zebrafish Connectome
  • Margaret Manto ’19: Will terrestrial microbial communities resort to dormancy in response to climate change?
  • Jihyun Gia Min ’18 & So Yeon Min ’18: Deep Learning Based Mobile Application for Personalized Prevention of Food and Alcohol Overconsumption
  • Paige Omura ’17: Matrix Effects on the Molecular and Global Scales: The Historical Narrative of Ethnobotany and its Role in Modern Medicine
  • Ian Reynolds ’17: Hatching Robin: a wearable device enabling human echolocation as a mobility aid for blind people
  • Steven Troung ’20: Genetic-Based Risk Assessment of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Vietnamese Populations
2016 Recipients:
  • Alexandra (Sasha) Churikova ’16: Chilean Physicists Tournament 2016: Developing a new era of STEM outreach in Chile
  • Michelle Suh ’16: Querying my Korean Heritage: the Sillok Project
  • Nicole Zatorski ’18: Improving red blood cell storage practices for use in emergency medicine
2015 Recipients:
  • Elliot Akama-Garren ’15: Adoptive T cell therapy for cancer using CRISPR/Cas 9 
  • Taibo Li ’15: Modelling patient status in intensive care units using real-time hidden Markov model
  • Whitney Loo ’15: Nanoparticle based conformal coating for islet encapsulation
  • Mei Zuo ’16: Does it get better?: Imposter syndrome
2014 Recipients:
  • Abubakar Abid ’15: Low-cost Airflow Sensor for Tracheostomy Tubes 
  • Rachel Dias Carlson ’14: Establishing Quantitative Parameters for the Correlation between Skin Temperature and Physiological Status in the Equine Leg
  • Craig Cheney ’14: Designing a Rapid Printed Circuit Board (PCB) Prototyping Machine to Facilitate a Continuous and Efficient Workflow
  • Monica Neugebauer ’14: Ascorbate Peroxidase for the Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide Signaling in Neurons
  • Catherine Yunis ’16: Using Clothing to Teach Neuroscience: Neural Fashion
2013 Recipients:
  • Meme Tran ’13: Improving Health Care Referral Systems in Thai Binh Province in Vietnam
  • Daniel Zhang ’15: Developing a High-Throughput Diagnostic for Prostate Cancer Using Mobile Zinc as a Biomarker
2012 Recipients:
  • Mark Kalinich ’13: Knocking Down Paralysis: Using siRNA Therapeutics to Transiently Downregulate PTEN and SOCS3 for Neural Regrowth
  • Michele Pratusevich ’13: DJDancer: Bringing Gestures to Live Music Composition and Performance
  • John Romanishin ’12: Dynamically Reconfigurable Flywheel Acuated Magnetic Cube Robotics
  • Graham Van Schaik ’12: Science Captivates Minds: Science for South Carolina’s Students
  • Sheila Xu ’14: An Interpretivistic Approach to the Deaf Economy
2011 Recipients:
  • Archit Bhise ’13: AidSource: Establishing a Basic Architecture for Disaster Triage 
  • Alorah Harman ’11: Science and the Soul of Siberia: Characterizing International Collaboration through a Metagenomic Analysis Project at Lake Baikal
  • Ian McKay ’12: Oscillation-Based Balloon Anemometer for Wind Prospecting
  • John J. Wang ’14: CEO Value & Compensation: Are Executives Overpaid?
  • Sajith Wickramasekara ’13: A Plug and Play Architecture for Highly Distributed Scientific Computation
2010 Recipients:
  • Matthew Lord ’10: Walt Whitman in Nineteenth-Century Cultural History
  • M. Paul Medlock-Walton ’10: Clutter: Connecting Scratch Projects to Teach Software Engineering
  • Hiroshi Mendoza ’10: Flexible Plastic Luminescent Solar Concentrator
  • Peter Reinhardt ’12: Online, Collaborative Latex Environment: Modernizing Technical Documentation
  • Yang Yang ’11: Dancing to Your Own Music
2009 Recipients:
  • Dhaval Adjodah ’11Creating Environmental Indices from Population Models of Ecosystems using Methods from Nonlinear Dynamics & Chaos Theory for Improved Environmental Conservation & Policy Making
  • Katie Everett ’12A Sexual-Network-Based Model Evaluating the Effect of Human Papillomavirus Vaccination on Infection Prevalence in an Adolescent Population
  • Raqeebul I. Ketan ’11iSchool for a Better Learning Experience
  • S. Cory Li ’12Automated Directed Evolution: A New Tool for Rapid Optimization of Genetic Circuitry
  • Harrison O’Hanley ’11Designing a Thermoelectric Generator to Provide Light to Developing World Residences
  • Tina Srivastava ’09Multi-Media Report, Revealing the Link between the East and the West
2008 Recipients:
  • Shane W. Colton ’08Realization of a Scale Electric Vehicle with Capacitive Regeneration and Launch Assist
  • Emilienne Repak ’09The Pied Piper of the Peripheral Nervous System: Comparing Guidance Cues for Directing Neuronal Growth
  • David Reshef ’08Computational and Visual Approach to Understanding the Vibrio Cholera Epidemic
  • Alec Resnick ’08 & Sarah Ackley ’08Design and Construction of a Low-Cost, Educational NMR Kit
  • Jessica Schirmer ’08‘The Words to Say It’: Narratives of Class Transition
  • Lynne Tye ’10The Role of Dopamine in the Formation of Emotional Memories
2007 Recipients:
  • Raffaela Wakeman ’08Democratization in the Arab World: Jordan as a Case Study
  • Richard Lin ’09Establishment of a Mobile Clinic in Tanzania
  • Anna Konotchick ’07Documenting Communal Spaces in the Shantytowns of Buenos Aires: A Tool for Better Public Housing
  • Manuel Rivas ’08Integrating Genomic Data to Interpret Human Traits
  • Serenus Hua ’07Traditional Chinese Treatments for Diabetes From a Modern Medical Perspective
2006 Recipients:
  • Mikel Graham ’08Survey of Ice Thickness Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
  • Minyoung Jang ’08Health Care Reform in Bolivia
  • Uta Maeda ’07Toward More Customized Special Education Programs: Identifying Neural Corrrelates of Mathematical Learning Disabilities in Elementary School Children
  • Nadezhda Belova ’06Cultural Consequences of the Last Russian-Jewish Diaspora
2005 Recipients:
  • Devanie DuFour ’08Utilizing a Robotic Arm to teach Autistic Children the Movements Associated with Social Interactions
  • Peter Lai ’08Clear Plane Holographic Projection using PDLC Technology
  • Nancy Hua ’07When a Girl is Born in China
  • Anna Bruchez ’06Hepatitis B Virus: Polymerase Point Mutants to Study the Interplay Between Replication Efficiency and Viral Persistence
  • Masha Kamenetska ’05Behind the Splash of Color: the Underlying Causes of the Orange Revolution in Ukraine
2004 Recipients:
  • Prachi Jain ’05Relationship Between Kathak and Flamenco Dancing
  • Morgan Sonderegger ’04On ne parle que notre lange’: The Rise of French as the Lingua Franca of Early Modern Europe
  • Monique Johnson ’04Campus Planning: Connecting Cambridge and Cambridge
  • Carl Engel ’07The Application and Study of the Magnus Effect on an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
2003 Recipients:
  • Bob Yin ’04: Growing Up in the Shadows of the Cultural Revolution: Short Fiction Inspired By Personal Histories
  • Maia Mahoney ’05: A Biological Register: The Application of Site-Specific Recombination for the Construction of Biological Memory
  • Debora Lui ’03: Examining the Cycle of Influence Between Architucture & Performance in the Twentieth Century Theater
  • Noramay J. Cadena ’03: Through their Eyes Only: Unveiling the Person behind the Stigma
  • Anna Bershteyn ’06 and Kaia Dekker ’06: Traditional Life and Technological Change: Learning from Dine Voices Across Generations
  • Monami Chakrabarti ’03: Getting the Boss to Behave: A Comparative Study of Trade Unions and Corporate Governance Reform in the US and UK
  • Rabi Upadhyay ’03: Redefining Medicine: Modern Healthcare in the Third World
2002 Recipients:
  • Shien Jin Ong ’04Interactive and Zero Knowledge Proofs
  • Lianne Habinek ’02 and Joyce Lee ’02: Shakespeare’s ‘Open Work’: The Circulation of Text and Performance Through Film
  • Frederick Choi ’02Inheriting the Legacy of Stephen Sondheim: Redefining the Musical in the 21st Century
  • Jesse Barnes ’02Worth More than Gold: Ensuring Adequate Amounts of Safe Drinking Water in Honduras
  • Naveen Goela ’03The Rhythm of the Tabla: Indian Classical Percussion with Vocals, Sarod, Sitar, Jazz and Dance
  • Wendy Ham ’03Brainy Art, Artsy Brain: Using Art to Investigate the Relationship between the Artistic and Motor Centers of the Brain’s Right Hemisphere
  • Oleg Shamovsky ’05Anomalies of the Electrolytic Oxidation of Aluminum
2001 Recipients:
  • Martin Jonikas ’04Design and Flight Test of a Novel Vertical Takeoff Aircraft Concept
  • Landi Parish ’01Ender’s The Literature of Isolation and MIT
  • Christine Southworth ’01Me and Colin McPhee: Composing New Music in Bali. For more details please see Christine’s website at 
  • Jovonne Bickerstaff ’02 and Melissa Amah Edoh ’02​Challenges of Racial Integration in Paris, France: Perspectives of the Black Experience in Literature, Film and Reality
  • Kevin Choi ’01I Know My Father Was Not A Viet Cong 
  • Sean Leonard ’04A Multidisciplinary Approach to Video Game Music
  • Vis Taraz ’01: body/language
2000 Recipients:
  • Helen Lee ’00: Glass
  • Margarita Marinova ’03Understanding Mars’ Climate though Studies of Mass Wasting in the Arctic
  • John McBean ’01Fusing Art and Engineering: Design and Construction of an Aqua-Kinetic Sculpture
  • Laurel P. Smith ’00Fusing two Contrasting Musical Worlds: Bringing Classical and Techno Music Together
1999 Recipients:
  • Paul Anthony McGreggor Crowley ’00De Commentitiis Jeunis
  • Eto Otitigbe ’99Printmaking and Installation Apprenticeship with Valerie Maynard
  • Anna Dirks ’99Cheap Moral Fabric: Macquiladora Dreams
1998 Recipients:
  • Elenita Ashminova ’98Things That Bulge
  • Kevin Simmons ’98Finding My Spleen Telling Stories of Human Experience
  • Arielle Sumits ’99Origins
  • Kudzaishe Gordon Takavarasha ’98The Preservation of the Oral Heritage of Karanga People of Southern Zimbabwe.
1997 Recipients:
  • Joaquin S. Terrones ’97Vivid Brightness: Rediscovering Richard Bruce Nugent
  • Kamel Addo ’97The Musical and Cultural Significance of Chordophones in the Lives of the Dagomba People of Northern Ghana
  • Salman Khan ’98Neurofeedback-based Educational Software
  • Ashu P. Atwal ’97Information Technology in India: An Indian Perspective