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Eloranta Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowships

Fellowship Applicant Checklist

Use the list below to ensure that you have followed application guidelines and addressed all submission content and format requirements.

  • Project must be dynamic, feasible, and your own; Student-originated and/or student–directed.
  • Proposals must be clear, organized, and well written (no typos!). You’re strongly encouraged to make use of Institute writing resources such as the MIT Writing & Communication Center and the School of Engineering Communications Lab
  • Proposals need to be formatted properly and include:
    • Cover page with student name, class year, major, MIT address, and project title
    • Pages should be numbered in upper-right hand corner beginning after the cover
    • Brief abstract (limit of 150 words) that presents a clear, concise, and intriguing project overview including goals/outcome
    • Proposal of no more than 2000 words
    • Budget, which outlines a realistic estimate of expenses
  • At least one letter of recommendation from an MIT faculty member, who has reviewed your proposal, discussed it with you, and is familiar enough with your project to comment on its merit and feasibility, is required. Additional recommendations (from MIT faculty or anyone else) are welcome. Recommendations are due by the proposal deadline. You should provide anyone writing you a recommendation a copy of the Recommendation Writer Checklist.
  • Supporting evidence such as letters of permission, qualifications, recommendations, budgets, timeline, and other materials that help explain/support your proposal (letters from sponsors/hosts, photographs, drawings, diagrams, etc.) if placed in appendices, will not apply to the word limit.