For Department Coordinators

The Institute's response to COVID-19 requires adjustments to spring term UROPs. All in-person UROPs must end on Sunday, March 15, 2020. This includes UROPs taking place in on-campus labs, at the Whitehead Institute, Broad Institute, Lincoln Lab, area hospitals, other IMES/HST/Harvard facilities, or other research settings and collaborative spaces. Only remote or virtual UROP projects that are mutually agreed upon by faculty and their UROP students may continue for the duration of the spring term (through May 31, 2020). No on-campus/in-person UROP is allowed for the duration of the spring term. To better understand student and faculty plans and ensure that payroll and credit is appropriately processed, we ask that students please complete this form by March 31 to let us know whether they plan to continue your UROP remotely or will be ending participation.

As a departmental UROP Coordinator, you play an important role in the UROP process and are relied upon for your judgment and knowledge of your academic area. This section provides you with information to help you in your role as a departmental UROP Coordinator. 

UROP Coordinators, are expected to:

  • Interpret the department's requirements, ensure academic rigor and research value in projects undertaken by faculty and student collaborators, and clarify policies and procedures for departmental review. 
  • Review the department's submitted student UROP proposals, examine project descriptions and financial requests, and determine project appropriateness for departmental approval before forwarding to UROP for final review. Please see Reviewing UROP Proposals for a full description of what should be included in a UROP proposal. Details on how to access submitted online student applications can be found on the Online System Help page.
  • Ensure that subject registration and number of requested credit units are appropriate for departmental standards, for credit UROP projects. 
  • Suggest the kinds of skills and experience that UROP students need to acquire before they attempt research in your department, laboratory or center. Advise on strategies for students to connect with UROP supervisors within the department 
  • Recommend opportunities for students to meet with faculty and with other students; suggests potential faculty mentors based on student interests; encourage students to participate in departmentally-sponsored research related presentations and events, including lectures by potential faculty supervisors. 
  • Provide help to students with specific problems (e.g., inability to find a faculty supervisor in the chosen area of interest, needs access to equipment, or needs financial resources).
  • Interface regularly with UROP staff on UROP-related matters. 

If you have any questions or concerns about your role as UROP Coordinator, please do not hesitate to contact us at 617-253-7306 or