Pay, Credit, Volunteer

Your UROP participation options include:

  • Academic credit: UROP credit is general elective credit.
  • Pay: Discuss funding options with your faculty supervisor. The majority of paid UROPs receive faculty/department funding (Sponsored Research), but if your faculty supervisor lacks the funds to offer you a paid UROP position, you may request funds from UROP (Direct Funding). Note that different deadlines apply and that participating Wellesley College undergraduates are not eligible for UROP Direct Funding, so must be paid by faculty/departmental resources.
  • Volunteering: An option that generally requires less of a time commitment, which can be a good introduction to UROP for first-time researchers. Consider UROP as a volunteer if you aren't yet sure whether you have the time to commit to UROP.

All UROP projects must be worthy of academic credit, regardless of whether you choose to participate for credit, pay or as a volunteer.