Information for UROP Supervisors and Mentors

The Institute's response to COVID-19 requires adjustments to spring term UROPs. All in-person UROPs must end on Sunday, March 15, 2020. This includes UROPs taking place in on-campus labs, at the Whitehead Institute, Broad Institute, Lincoln Lab, area hospitals, other IMES/HST/Harvard facilities, or other research settings and collaborative spaces. Only remote or virtual UROP projects that are mutually agreed upon by faculty and their UROP students may continue for the duration of the spring term (through May 31, 2020). No on-campus/in-person UROP is allowed for the duration of the spring term. To better understand student and faculty plans and ensure that payroll and credit is appropriately processed, we ask that students please complete this form by March 31 to let us know whether they plan to continue your UROP remotely or will be ending participation. If you have approved that your UROPs work remotely, you can also let us know via email to

The information provided in this section is designed to help you in this role and to provide you with important information on expectations, guidelines, advertising opportunities, and more.

Once You Have Found a Student

  1. Decide with the student whether they will be compensated through pay or credit, or research as a volunteer.
  2. Discuss your expectations for the term with them, so that they have a clear understanding of your expectations and project deliverables.
  3. Be sure the student submits the appropriate UROP application, by the given term deadline, along with a student-authored 1-3 page research proposal, clearly stating the project purpose and describing in detail his/her planned research duties.
  4. Review and approve your students' UROP applications online. See Online System Help for instructions. By approving your students' UROP applications, you are confirming not only your support for the academic content of the proposal, but also acknowledging that no UROP student is allowed to begin work in the lab until all departmental and Institute chemical hygiene and EHS training requirements have been fulfilled. Please communicate the hazards typically encountered in your laboratory as well as project specific hazards to your UROP students before they begin and be sure they complete all requisite training.
  5. Evaluate your student(s) at the end of each term. Feedback can be submitted via your Online UROP system homepage or by email to