Research work at a corporation or other commercial entity, even under the supervision of an MIT faculty member, is not eligible for the UROP program.

The following individuals are welcome to participate in UROP at MIT.

  • MIT Students: All registered MIT undergraduates in good academic standing, including transfer students.
  • Wellesley College Students: Cross-registered Wellesley undergraduates participating through the MIT-Wellesley Exchange Program.
  • Students participating in an official MIT Undergraduate Exchange (e.g Cambridge-MIT -CME), during their semester(s) of study at MIT

The following individuals are not eligible to participate:

  • Undergraduates from institutions other than those listed above.
  • MIT students who have officially received a bachelor's degree, unless they are working toward another bachelor's degree.
  • Incoming MIT freshmen during the summer prior to fall enrollment.
  • MIT students required to withdraw from the Institute by the Committee on Academic Performance (CAP).

NOTE: Students on Academic Warning should consider the time commitment in UROP participation.  If you are on Warning, consult your academic advisor before beginning a UROP project.