UROP End of Term Evaluations

We require two separate evaluations at the end of each term/summer of UROP participation; one from students and one from faculty supervisors. These evaluations are due even when students are continuing the same UROP and are expected regardless of UROP type. Evaluations need not be lengthy, but should provide enough information to keep UROP staff up-to-date. 

  • Students submit evaluations via the UROP feedback form in the online UROP system student homepage. Students should address UROP progress, accomplishments, learning outcomes, and detail any problems or questions you may have.
  • Faculty supervisors provide their feedback via the UROP Faculty Supervisor homepage or via email to urop@mit.edu. UROP supervisors should assess student progress and contributions to the research group, areas for improvement, etc.

New UROP applications will not be approved until evaluations from any previous UROPs have been submitted. 

NOTE: MIT Touchstone and DUO authentication are required to access the online UROP system.  See the IS&T website for details.