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Want the chance to work on cutting edge research? Explore this site to learn more about engaging in UROP at MIT.

Explore UROP at MIT

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program is one of a host of experiential learning opportunities available to students at MIT. UROP cultivates and supports research partnerships between MIT undergraduates and faculty - whether you join established research projects or pursue your own ideas.  Opportunities abound in every academic department as well as interdisciplinary laboratories and centers — off-campus, clinical, and global opportunities are also available. Projects occur during the academic year and/or in the summer session — lasting for an entire semester or continuing for a year or more.

One of the earliest programs of its kind in the United States, UROP began in 1969, under the leadership of the late Prof. Margaret L. A. MacVicar, who was inspired by Edwin H. Land's 1957 GENERATION OF GREATNESS lecture and the power of learning by doing. Today, the program supports thousands of projects each year with 91% of MIT graduating seniors participating in at least one UROP during their undergraduate years.

By engaging in UROP, you'll have the opportunity to participate in each phase of research activity—from developing research plans, writing proposals, and conducting research — to analyzing data and presenting or publishing your results.

UROP Benefits include:

  • Building meaningful connections with faculty, researchers, graduate students, and other undergraduates who share similar research and career interests.
  • Learning more about majors/minors and/or exploring another field of interest
  • Gaining knowledge and practical skills necessary for graduate school, health professions, or a future career.
  • Applying classroom learning to real-world problems and actual research...learn by doing.
  • Contributing to research outcomes—whether co-authoring papers, preparing posters, attending conferences, patenting inventions, or launching a start-up.

With UROP the possibilities are endless! Start your journey using the tools provided on this site. 

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