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Mentor Resources

Expectations for the UROP Experience

It is extremely important to set expectations for your UROP students early during interviews and when the student is starting their position. An agreement document, of which there is a sample at the end of this document, is one great way to accomplish this.

Some important things to cover include:

  • Project deliverables
    • What does an ‘A’ or ‘Pass’ look like?
    • Deliverables for the end of term?
    • Milestones for each week?
  • Work style and rules
    • What are necessary safety practices?
    • What are working norms (e.g: attendance, lab documentation, communicationhours, etc) and expectations for your laboratory?
    • What are working norms that you want between you and your UROP?
    • Will you have the student keep documentation in a lab notebook, Google Drive,or another method?
  • Communication
    • How will you communicate with one another? (e.g: in-person, email, Zoom, Slack)
    • How often will you meet?
    • How should the student ask you questions and how will they report progress oftheir tasks?
    • Will your student go to lab meetings?
    • How will your student interact with the faculty supervisor? How often?
  • Continuing work
    • Could this UROP go on for multiple terms?
    • Does the student want to continue on for multiple semesters?
    • How should the student define their contributions on their CV, future applications,etc.?
  • Authorship and credit (if relevant)
    • Will your student present at the end of their UROP to the lab or department?
    • Will there be a poster or paper opportunity for this work?
    • Where and how will the student be credited for their contribution?