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Mentor Tools & Resources

Goals of UROP Mentorship

The following are brief goals for the UROP Mentor-Mentee Relationship from each group’s perspective.

For mentee: 

  • See how research works 
  • Prepare for graduate school 
  • Contribute to and built research and skills 
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills in a research setting 
  • Explore a field of inquiry 
  • Expand professional network and gain letter(s) of recommendation 
  • Receive pay or credit 

For mentor: 

  • Project planning and development skills 
  • Documentation experience 
  • Management experience 
  • Opportunity to educate, mentor, and shape the future of the field 
  • Reflection time within research 
  • Bring in new skills and tools to research 
  • Improve productivity and output in research via delegation