UROP Resources

There are many resources available to assist UROP students in their undergraduate research experiences.

This section lists many of them, including:

  • UROP StaffFull listing of UROP staff members and how to contact us.
  • Coordinators: Each UROP department, lab and center has a designated faculty member or academic professional who serves as the department's UROP liaison. Learn more about the Coordinator role and obtain the current list of coordinators and their content information.
  • Payroll Coordinators: Every UROP department has a designated staff member who processes UROP payroll for their areas approved paid UROPs. Visit this page to obtain the current list of payroll coordinators.
  • Public Speaking Tips: Advice on giving presentations, which can be very helpful in helping you prepare for lab meetings, conferences, poster sessions, etc. where you might present on your research.
  • Helpful Websites and Tools: Links to sites with information and tools relevant to research MIT, including Environmental Health and Safety, the Technology Licensing Office, MakerLodge, and more.