Wellesley College Student UROP Application Checklist


During Summer 2021 MIT will allow Wellesley College undergraduate to cross-register for remote UROPs only. Wellesley College students will not have access to MIT buildings or facilities for the duration of the 2020-21 academic year. Wellesley students can only cross-register at MIT for paid (sponsored research) or volunteer positions; Wellesley College is not allowing students to cross-register for credit UROPs during the 2020-21 academic year. 

Due to international tax and compliance issues, MIT is not able to offer paid UROPs or other hourly wage opportunities (regardless of funding source) to undergraduate students who are not physically located in the United States. Wellesley students living abroad will only be able to pursue UROP for Volunteer.  Wellesley students living in the United States can register for remote UROP for pay.

Wellesley students who cross-register for remote UROPs may be able to earn credit at Wellesley through registered independent study (a 250 or 350 course) with a Wellesley faculty member. Wellesley students should discuss this arrangement with the MIT UROP faculty supervisor before research commences.  The Wellesley faculty member and student should collaborate with the MIT faculty member responsible for the UROP to ensure that the academic goals are met. The Wellesley faculty member bears responsibility for evaluating the student's work and conferring credit. NOTE: MIT UROP registration is not counted as the one academic credit course students may register for at MIT each semester.

To participate in a Summer 2021 UROP, Wellesley College students must complete ALL of the steps listed below by the Wellesley College student deadlines: Cross-register no later than Monday, June 7, 2021 at 5pm ET & submit your UROP proposal no later than Thursday, June 24th. These are different from the deadlines for MIT undergraduates. All students must complete all of the steps, even if you’ve previously engaged in a UROP or cross-registered at MIT. 

  1. Decide with your faculty supervisor whether the UROP is to undertaken for pay* or volunteer. If the UROP is for pay, discuss and determine pay details with your supervisor. NOTE: Wellesley Students are not eligible for UROP Direct Funding (UROP office funds). If you are interested in a paid UROP, you can be funded by your supervisor, if agreed upon.*MIT is not able to offer paid UROPs or other hourly wage opportunities (regardless of funding source) to students who are not physically located in the United States (this applies to both MIT & Wellesley students). Wellesley students living abroad will only be able to pursue UROP for Volunteer.  
  2. Print and complete the MIT-Wellesley cross-registration form.   
    • The subject number will have the MIT department (ex. Brain and Cognitive Sciences is 9) number followed by ‘.URW’ (e.g. 9.URW)
    • Course Title = "UROP"
    • Unit Total should be listed as “0” (no credit UROPs permitted by Wellesley this term)
  3. Have the MIT faculty member who is overseeing your research sign the MIT-Wellesley cross-registration form as the Faculty Supervisor.  This CANNOT be signed by the postdoc or graduate student who is serving as your direct supervisor.
  4. Print and complete the MIT Registrar's Office Non-Institute Biographic Form (PDF form).
  5. Email completed PDF copies of both your MIT-Wellesley cross-registration form and MIT Non-Institute Biographic form to UROP staff (urop@mit.edu) for verification and approval by Monday, June 7, 2021 at 5pm ET.  Your cross-registration form must be signed by your faculty supervisor and correctly identify the course number. 
  6. UROP staff will email approval of your cross-registration forms to the MIT Registrar's office (records@mit.edu) with you cc’d. Allow 2-3 business days for the MIT Registrar to process your cross-registration.
  7. If you do not already have an MIT Kerberos Account (MIT email username and password), complete your MIT Kerberos Account Registration at: https://accounts.mit.edu/register/. You will need the MIT ID# created at the time of your cross-registration to create your MIT account.  If you don't know your MIT ID# contact the MIT Registrar's Office.  MIT Kerberos Accounts are required to access MIT online systems.  It will take 24-48 hours after the creation of your Kerberos account for MIT systems to recognize your account.
  8. Write your ~1-2 page research proposal using our 2020-21 academic year proposal template. If you are continuing a UROP from a previous term you must update your proposal to include your new work plan/goals for the current term and all the required template fields.
  9. Access the Online UROP Application System (MIT Touchstone authentication and MIT Duo two-factor authentication required). Online applications require faculty supervisor and department information, pay details, UROP proposal, etc. NOTE: If you conducted UROP in a prior term, then you must complete a UROP evaluation before a new application can be submitted.
    • If you have not yet completed the MIT IPIA agreement, you will see a notice and link for online completion within the UROP application system. Once you complete the IPIA form, you will be able to complete your MIT UROP application. 
    • Students working for pay (sponsored research) must have an I-9 on file with MIT. The link to MIT’s current remote I-9 process is here: https://hr.mit.edu/i-9.  Any questions regarding the I-9 or I-9 process should be addressed to: i-9@mit.edu
  10. Submit your application to your faculty supervisor (Faculty Review) by the Wellesley College student application deadline - Thursday, June 24th at 11:59pm ET. Faculty and departments have additional time to review applications following this deadline.
  11. Fill out the UROP Location form, ASAP, and no later than Thursday, June 24th. All students must notify MIT where their remote research will be conducted for the duration of Spring 2021. 
  12. Application questions and decisions are communicated via email to your MIT email account