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Summer 2022: Important Information on Remote UROP Work

With access to MIT facilities now fully open for undergraduates, the bulk of summer 2022 UROP research will take place on the MIT campus. Nonetheless, we should expect that some students may be planning to do MIT research outside Massachusetts (overseas or within the U.S) during the summer weeks (June through August).

Below is important information regarding remote appointments for undergraduate researchers.

UROP for Pay

Since fall 2020, MIT has not extended paid UROP (or other hourly paid employment) opportunities to undergraduates situated outside of the United States, due to various U.S. and foreign country restrictions and compliance obligations.

UROP students doing summer research within the United States (pay period is May 30, 2022 – September 5, 2022) may receive weekly pay after UROP Office application approval is issued.   

Please see the Upcoming Deadlines page for summer UROP application deadlines.

UROP for Credit

Undergraduates (including those outside the U.S.) will have the option to register for the summer session and receive credit for UROP at no cost (i.e., tuition is waived). Academic departments may set a cap on the number of units for their UROP subjects, but the cap may not exceed 18 units. Departments will also determine whether students receive a letter grade or whether grading will be pass/fail for UROP subjects.

Note that this summer tuition waiver does not apply to non-UROP subjects. 

Please visit the Summer Credit UROP Deadline page for details on credit UROP applications.

International Locations

Student work involving the following countries will require an additional review by MIT’s Remote International Appointment Review Team: Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Ukraine, China (including Hong Kong), Russia, and Saudi Arabia. The UROP Office will identify UROP applicants who report being outside of the U.S., and will arrange the review for projects taking place in, or involving collaboration with, the above-referenced countries.

Note that UROP work involving Iran, Syria, Cuba, North Korea, Ukraine or Russia may not proceed until the remote appointment review has occurred and a decision is issued. Projects involving China (including Hong Kong) or Saudi Arabia may commence before a review decision is issued.

UROP Outside Massachusetts

Students doing paid UROP work in a U.S. state other than Massachusetts should be aware there may be tax implications in that other state for receiving pay while in that state, and should consult the relevant local tax authority for guidance.    

Additional Guidance

No matter where a UROP is conducted, please remember the need to comply with all MIT policies and procedures, as well as any commitments to sponsors or other third parties. 

For helpful guidance, please see:

  1. This FAQ prepared by Environment, Health & Safety for DLCs planning remote hands-on activities, including these detailed safety and export control guidelines and
  2. This website on information security protections.