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Special IAP UROP Direct-Funding Deadline for First-time MIT First-Years

This is a special, limited-budget funding round for first-year MIT students, who have not yet participated in UROP and will be beginning their first UROP in IAP.

Submit your online UROP application to your faculty supervisor no later than 11:59 (EDT) today to formalize your UROP and be considered for funding from UROP Office central resources for this special IAP cycle. Be sure to review proposal guidelines for what to include in your application proposal.

Note: this “first-time” funding cycle is only for first-year students who did not UROP in the fall.  First-year students continuing UROP work from the fall, as well as sophomores through seniors, need to UROP for faculty pay, credit or volunteer in IAP, but if continuing in spring may apply for UROP direct-funding for spring UROPs.

Contact UROP staff, ASAP with any questions/concerns about the deadline:, 617-253-7306.