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Web Interface for Pilot Corpus of Student Writing




CMS: Comparative Media Studies

Faculty Supervisor:

Michael Maune

Faculty email:


Apply by:

February 11, 2021


Dr. Michael Maune: mmaune@mit.edu

Project Description

Our project proposes to provide instructors web access to a corpus of student writing so they can share student writing examples and better help students understand what effective writing looks like. Instructors will be able to search the corpus for student writing relevant to their teaching and provide exemplar writing samples to students to serve as models to analyze. Joining our project is one way to learn about effective writing and also help your fellow students to understand writing expectations and communicate more effectively. The project will involve several steps: 1) recruitment and collection of student texts; 2) cleaning and processing student texts; 3) building the student writing corpus database; 4) tagging texts and quality control of autotagger; and 5) building and testing a secure web interface to access the corpus database. UROP Duties UROP students will assist in data cleaning and processing and will be instrumental in building the corpus by aiding in tagging and evaluating the autotagger. The main task of the UROP will be building the web interface to enable instructors to access, search, and filter database results for their instructional purposes. UROP students will collaborate with researchers to meet application requirements and provide a powerful tool to help instructors guide students to more effective communication practices. This project would be requesting UROP office funding.


Experience with web application development, specifically search Experience with XML required Experience with Corpus Query Language (CQL) preferred