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Web Development for COVID Analytics: A Data-Driven COVID Response Project




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Dimitris Bertsimas

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Holly Wiberg (hwiberg@mit.edu)

Project Description

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a broad range of challenges spanning across epidemiology, policy, and medicine. A research group in the MIT Operations Research Center has initiated a COVID-19 response project in which we tackle these pressing problems. Our current efforts are focused in several broad areas: disease projection, policy impact on disease spread, clinical risk prediction, and resource allocation. This work is made public through our website: covidanalytics.io. This website provides an overview and updates on these various efforts. It is used by several groups internationally to inform disease projections and make clinical risk assessments. We are seeking a web developer to maintain the website and help grow the website as future content is developed. The web developer will be responsible for: 1. Maintaining the website which receives thousands of users a day and is updated daily 2. Reviewing code for clarity, content and style before publishing it to the website 3. Deployments 4. Monitoring and fixing: errors, long response times, memory leaks, the UI and UX on both desktop and mobile 5. Improving the existing code by automating processes and adding unit tests 6. Working together with 2-4 teams on publishing new models and content This position offers an opportunity to further hone web development skills and has the potential to make tangible impact the pandemic response! If you are interested, please submit your CV, transcript, and, if available, references to public repositories containing previous web development projects, to hwiberg@mit.edu. Work hours can be organized flexibly and are expected to be part-time during the summer and continuing through the Fall 2020 academic semester.


Experience in web app development, Python, and Github are required, as well as a willingness to work with several teams and curiosity about learning new technologies. It is preferred to have experience with Dash, Plotly, HTML, CSS, Pandas, Machine Learning, and Heroku.