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Wearable Lab on Body


IAP and Spring


MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Pattie Maes

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Project Description

The MIT Media Lab’s Fluid Interfaces group designs seamless interfaces for human augmentation. Building upon research from neuroscience, biotechnology, and machine learning, the Fluid Interfaces group designs systems that help us exploit the untapped powers of human body to supplement our natural abilities to support attention, memory, emotion regulation, creativity, learning, decision making and more. The group designs wearable and immersive systems that enhance people's cognitive abilities to enable them to maximize their potential. We are seeking motivational UROP(s) who are interested in working on a novel bio-digital wearable and ubiquitous device for realtime/continuous digital sensing and monitoring of biomarkers. Our aim for the project is to develop a system that is capable of : longitudinal/continuous monitoring of body biological data; Plug and play system that can work with multiple biomarkers; Easily adaptable bio-digital platform. You will be responsible for designing and testing the research prototype. You will gain experience of working in an antidisciplinary setting: learn to integrate your work in field different from yours. This position is for Fall/IAP/Spring with the potential for a longer-term commitment. Relevant URL: https://www.media.mit.edu/groups/fluid-interfaces/overview/ Contact: Pat Pataranutaporn: patpat@media.mit.edu


The project is open to students majoring in biochemistry, bioengineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer science, and other relevant fields. The UROP should have solid experience in one of the areas : mechanical design and fabrication, electronics, embedded programming, experience of working in biological science lab. Please provide details on any prerequisites or skills required for this UROP