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WaferSat Spacecraft Software Development adsa




16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca Masterson

Faculty email:


Apply by:



Michael Fifield: mfifield@mit.edu

Project Description

The Space Systems Laboratory, in collaboration with MIT Lincoln Laboratory, is developing the next generation of small satellites that consist of single silicon wafers. At only 100 grams in mass, WaferSat can enable low cost, low touch-labor, scalable constellations. The project has built a prototype printed circuit board version of WaferSat. The goal of this UROP will be to develop software to perform hardware-in-the-loop testing of key power and thermal subsystem functionalities at-scale. Functionalities to be tested include battery management, solar cell maximum power point tracking, and closed-loop thermal control with resistive heaters. This UROP can be performed remotely and hardware may be shipped to the student for testing.


Sophomore, Junior, or Senior student. Experience with coding in C and circuit design is preferred.