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Virtual Rendering of a Sustainable Metallurgical Processing Facility




3: Materials Science and Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Antoine Allanore

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 8th (Sophomore - Senior), September 24th (1st Year)


Please contact Caspar Stinn (stinn@mit.edu) and include a CV with details of previous 3-D virtual rendering experience.

Project Description

Many existing metallurgical processes have difficulty adapting to challenges surrounding environmental sustainability in the 21st century. In the Allanore group, we seek to develop high temperature electrochemical technologies for copper extraction and processing that have the potential to demonstrate improved environmental sustainability. However, individuals from outside the field such as representatives from government and industry often struggle to visualize the scope and scale of such an electrochemical metallurgical facility. As a UROP student, your role in this project would be to construct a 3-D virtual rendering of an electrochemical metallurgical facility that mimics a tour or high fidelity model of the proposed processing plant for the viewer. Day to day research will include synthesis of technical, economic, and design conclusions from other group members into a cohesive virtual experience. Students excited about the following will be a good fit for the project: environmentally sustainable processing, virtual reality, and visual studies. This UROP project will be conducted remotely.


Students should be experienced with the implementation of virtual reality technologies and principles of visual studies, as well as able to provide examples of their previous rendering work. Familiarity with chemical engineering, materials science, or mechanical engineering is appreciated but not required.