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Understanding neoclassical musical experiences through digital text analysis




21M: Music and Theater Arts

Faculty Supervisor:

Sarah Iker

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Project Description

This project seeks to understand how people experienced (or at least wrote about) Igor Stravinsky’s “neoclassical” musical writing, composed between 1920 and 1950. UROPs will create and code a database of music criticism, letters, and other writing in English that can be queried and visualized in the style of http://gendernovels.digitalhumanitiesmit.org/info/gender_novels_overview. The ultimate goal of this project will be to be able to better understand how language is used to describe musical experiences, and how specific language becomes associated to different works and styles over time, with an eye to how this might better inform music analysis and historiography for this time period. UROPs will have the ability to direct future research and develop their own research agendas as part of this project.


Basic research skills (familiarity with Google scholar and other research databases), coding ability (Python or R preferred)