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Understanding how humans process language




9: Brain and Cognitive Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Roger Levy

Faculty email:


Apply by:

June 1



Project Description

What goes on in our minds when we process linguistic input? Why do we understand some sentences easily, but stumble over others? Our research investigates how we process language in real time and what this tells us about how linguistic structures may be represented in the mind. We collect human behavioral data such as in word-by-word reading experiments and analyse it with computational tools. Our work draws on cognitive science, linguistic theory, and computational methods. The ideal UROP has familiarity with linguistics or psycholinguistics (ex. 24.900, 9.19, or 9.59), basic programming (ex. Intro to Python), and probability/statistics. Depending on your interests, your work may involve designing experimental stimuli, running online behavior experiments, analysing data using R, or working with NLP language models.


A linguistics or psycholinguistics class (ex. 24.900, 9.19, 9.59 etc.)