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Uncertainty in Energy and Climate Modeling




MITEI: MIT Energy Initiative

Faculty Supervisor:

Jennifer Morris

Faculty email:


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Jennifer Morris: holak@mit.edu

Project Description

The MIT Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change combines scientific research with policy analysis to study the interactions among human and Earth systems to explore future climate, energy, food, water, air pollution and other interwoven challenges. To do so we use models of Earth, energy and economic systems. Our group is working on a multi-university project that seeks to identify and quantify uncertainties of greatest importance in these models, and reflect those uncertainties in the models. We are in search on a UROP to be part of the multi-university team and assist with a variety of tasks. These include: learning about models used for projecting energy, emissions, economic development and climate outcomes; helping to develop probability distributions for parameters identified as the most important drivers of results (this will involve reviewing literature and collecting and processing relevant data); running/testing models; processing model results and creating visualizations. This project is a great opportunity for an undergraduate student to gain knowledge about and experience with well-known models used for energy and climate projections, and learn about the important role of uncertainty and ways to manage it in modeling. This is a paid position and hours are flexible.


While there are no prerequisites for this position, the ideal candidate will be highly motivated, able to work independently between regular meetings with a supervisor, and have some coding skills or willingness to learn. To apply, please email Jennifer Morris (holak@mit.edu) with your current resume and a short message explaining your interest in the project.