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Training Mindfulness to Reduce Anxiety and Improve Economic Decision-Making During the COVID-19 Pandemic




14: Economics

Faculty Supervisor:

Frank Schilbach

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 15, 2020



Project Description

Mindfulness, trained via mindfulness meditation, is a psychological trait that can help people fight anxiety, mental health issues and distractions. It has long been using in clinical practice to treat people with clinical stress and mental disorders, and is gaining popularity as a wellness practice for everyone. Theories of mindfulness also suggest that it could play a large role in helping people make better decisions in their lives in general and their economic lives in particular, thanks to improved control of their attention and greater awareness of emotions that may cloud decision-making. This project is a set of two randomized controlled trials of mindfulness meditation taught online to US respondents and employees from an organization in Colombia.


Most important is a strong motivation and enthusiasm, as well as attention to detail. Programming skills (especially some knowledge of R) are preferred but not necessary. Some knowledge of javascript and qualtrics is a huge plus. Please send a brief paragraph describing your interest and relevant experience, as well as your CV/resume as well as an (unofficial) grade report to vautrey@mit.edu, copying fschilb@mit.edu. UROP for credit only.