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Towards More Sustainable PPE Use and Inventory Management on MIT CAMPUS




SCM: Supply Chain Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexis Bateman, Jarrod Goentzel

Faculty email:


Apply by:

September 29. 2020


Alexis Bateman, hickmana@mit.edu, 617-715-5182, email with CV, availability, and reason for interest in project

Project Description

To manage a safe return to MIT Campus during Covid-19, Departments, Labs and Centers have to ensure enough Personal Protect Equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies on hand for students, staff, and faculty to be safe. In order to do this, administrative officers must gauge how much PPE they need for the foreseeable future, and order it from the MIT Campus PPE store. However, given the uncertainty about how many people will be back on campus, how much they will use, and how much is available to them, administrative officers are not able to get a good gauge on how much to order. To provide more information to the officers and other groups involved with PPE planning, we would like a UROP to help to assess the use and inventory levels of PPE to inform a demand calculator. This demand calculator will simplify the PPE ordering process for DLC groups around campus. To do this, the student will work closely with a campus PPE research group that is looking at multiple facets of PPE and cleaning supply demand and supply across campus. They will be provided some initial training on how to collect this information, and will report weekly to the group and what they have found. They will participate in creation, evaluation, and analysis of a PPE demand calculator. This position will require highly diligent recording keeping, personal acumen when being in touch with campus staff, and also some statistical analysis as information is compiled. This UROP can be for credit or pay. The student will work with a research group that includes research scientists, PhD and Master’s level students, and a visiting professor from MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics and MIT Sloan to conduct the research. There will be weekly group meetings to check in. This project is sponsored by the MIT Office of Sustainability.


We are looking for someone who is strongly motivated, interested in the topic, and able to work (fairly) independently in the topic of study. The project is open to all relevant majors. No experience is required, but preferred skills include information coding, good communication skills, keen observational skills, and some statistical analysis. Hours are flexible but will be need to have some during working hours when campus staff are active as well attendance at weekly research group meetings.