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Textual Analysis of Attributes of Written Texts




21W: Writing

Faculty Supervisor:

Suzanne Lane

Faculty email:


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Suzanne Lane, stlane@mit.edu

Project Description

ArchiMedia is a research lab within Comparative Media Studies/Writing. We design digital tools for teaching and assessing writing, and we’re looking for MIT students to work on Axiologon, which is a platform for assessing writing. We have developed a process by which ‘generative rubrics’—genre-specific developmental rubrics that provide fine-grained description of rhetorical features, combined with strategy-focused instruction for weaker features—can be used to generate detailed formative feedback on texts. This system allows for expert human evaluation of writing to be aided by automated processes for generating feedback and capturing rich data about writing performance, including writers' specific conceptual, strategic, and procedural rhetorical and composition knowledge. We are developing this platform in collaboration with a local software-as-solution company. We seek two students to learn linguistic and rhetorical analysis, in order to analyze relevant features of student texts, such as transitions, citation patterns, and features of argumentation. This work will aid us in assessing the validity of using Axiologon as a textual analysis tool for research purposes, and may lead to the inclusion of automated textual analysis features.


An interest in linguistics, rhetoric, and/ or writing necessary; any classwork or other research experience is desirable but not required.