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Tablet digestion, fluidic-mechanic simulation and in vivo characterization




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

Giovanni Traverso

Faculty email:


Apply by:

Jan. 31


Please send you resume/CV to Neil Jia, zixunjia@mit.edu and Dr. Traverso, cgt20@mit.edu

Project Description

The project is aiming to build fluidic-mechanical simulation platform for tablet breakage/digestion inside gastrointestinal tract. The study requires ex vivo and in vivo characterization of tablet breakage/dissolution, building 3D models of human/large animal gastrointestinal tract and ANSYS based fluidic-mechanical simulation. We are seeking a student interested with research on fluidic mechanics and medical application. More specifically, simulational sub-project involves building static 3D model of human gastrointestinal tract using medical images set and writing C language code to define motility of gastrointestinal system. The experimental sub-project is to characterize ex vivo tablet breakage on bench and in vivo digestion in swine model. Candidate interested in simulational sub-project is preferred. Works will be conducted in the Traverso Lab in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Brigham Women hospital. Student is expected to work closely with a graduate research assistant in the laboratory.


Knowledge of basic fluidic mechanics. Experience with C language programming. (For simulational sub-project) Interests in hands-on work in the lab including prototyping using various manufacturing and characterizing techniques (laser cutting, casting, laminating …) and performing interdisciplinary experiments Knowledge of how to apply design analysis and optimization techniques such as Experimental Testing and Design of Experiments Highly motivated, responsible, creative, critical thinking, and organized