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System Design of Novel Reverse Osmosis Process Technology




2: Mechanical Engineering

Faculty Supervisor:

John Lienhard

Faculty email:


Apply by:

July 2



Project Description

The goal of this project is to design a hydraulic system using the novel Batch Reverse Osmosis (RO) process in order to build this system next fall. The impact of this project will be to demonstrate the effectiveness of Batch RO at a commercial scale, using commercially available components. The novel Batch RO process is the most efficient configuration of Reverse Osmosis (a membrane based technology used to desalinate seawater). Thus far, there is a bench scale implementation of the technology. A summer UROP would be responsible for the design of a scaled-up system, including but not limited to design requirements, component selection, hydraulic path planning, and designing for automation. This is also an opportunity to directly help an MIT spin-out focused on commercializing this technology.


Independence, willingness to learn, and attention to detail are crucial. Experience with Large CAD assemblies is a plus. Experience with hydraulic systems is a plus. Interest in entrepreneurship is also a plus.