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Synthetic Biology for Studying Brain


IAP and Spring


MAS: Media Arts and Sciences

Faculty Supervisor:

Deblina Sarkar

Faculty email:


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Deblina Sarkar: deblina@mit.edu

Project Description

We are developing novel techniques for mapping the structural information and functional activity of brain. Nanoelectronics is used for brain mapping as it has the potential to enable radical tools for in-vivo interrogation of our biological systems in order to answer fundamental questions in biology as well as to provide novel technologies by combining diagnostics with automated therapeutic effects at cellular precision. These nanoelectronics devices will be coated with biomolecules such that they can effectively camouflage and trick the body into thinking that it is a part of its own biological system. We develop novel devices using meta materials and first test them using cultured cells followed by implantation and recording in-vivo from mouse brain. The urop can be involved in developing these devices as well as testing them in both cultured cells and in-vivo. More details can be found at https://web.mit.edu/deblina-sarkar/research.html


1. previous experience or willingness to learn cell culture, transfection, chemical functionalization, mouse surgery, bioelectronic interfaces development and testing 2. prefer someone who can work in-person in lab and has been approved to stay on-campus, though may also consider remote urops