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Supply Chain Simulation: Software Development [Remote]




15: Management

Faculty Supervisor:

Stephen Graves

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Project Description

This is an opportunity, for pay, to develop web-based simulations for use in our supply chain classes. The first simulation simulates a supply chain with multiple production sources (factories) and multiple customers. The intent of the simulation is to allow the student to explore different flexibility configurations, in order to appreciate the value of production flexibility when there is uncertainty in demand or supply. The second simulation simulates a production factory. The intent of the simulation is to allow the student to get experience with the planning and scheduling of a manufacturing operation, and to appreciate the importance and roles of bottlenecks. The project is ready to go, so student can start whenever they are ready.


The student should be an expert programmer, so as to be able (1) to code the logic of each simulation, and (2) to build graphical user interfaces that will be easy to use and will engage the student in the simulation. The student should have some familiarity with linear optimization, and with probability. A class in operations or supply chains (e.g., 15.761) would be helpful but not essential.