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Superconducting Magnet Technology




PSFC: Plasma Science & Fusion Center

Faculty Supervisor:

Yukikazu Iwasa

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Yukikazu Iwasa

Project Description

Introduction: I have just signed a contract with Springer/Nature to write two books, 1) 3rd Ed of my textbook, "Case Studies in Superconducting Magnets, 2nd Ed"(Springer 2009); 2) "Concise Handbook of Superconducting Magnets," which will be derived from the 3rd Ed. In 3rd Ed., I will: 1) revise 2nd Ed, emphasizing more on high-temperature superconducting magnet technology; 2) update property data; 3) correct typos in the 2nd Ed. The 2nd Ed was written 100% with TEX. For the 3rd Ed. I'm considering to continue with TEX or possibly switch to LaTEX. I expect 3rd Ed to be of <700 pages (2nd 682 pages) and completed in ~2 years. As the 3rd Ed moves along, I'll start "Handbook," a condensed version of 3rd Ed, i.e., no elaborate derivation which comes upfront in nearly every equation in 2nd Ed and thus in 3rd Ed. The "Handbook" is intended to be a quick reference book on superconducting magnets. "Handbook" will be <300 pages and completed in ~2 years. UROP Student Roles/Duties: 1) Research new topics, chiefly those appeared since 2008, on superconducting magnet technology, to be included in the 3rd Ed a 2) Draft new sections on these topics for the 3rd Ed; 3) Update property data—cryogenic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, of both superconductors and non-superconductors; 4) If the student is able and willing, convert the entire text from TEX to LaTEX.


1) If not already familiar, interested in learning superconducting magnet technology; 2) Good writing skills in English; 3) Very familiar with, preferably already an expert in TEX and/or LaTEX; 4) Graphic creation. superconducting magnets; 4) Creating new figures and tables