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State of Supply Chain Sustainability


IAP and Spring


CTL: Center for Transportation & Logistics

Faculty Supervisor:

Alexis Bateman

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Project Description

Supply chains are a significant source of environmental and social impact. The creation and movement of goods results in significant emissions, water use, waste, labor pressures, among many others. At the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, our Sustainable Supply Chains initiative is conducting many studies on the topic of Supply Chain Sustainability. One of which is an exploration into the State of Supply Chain Sustainability. Within this topic we would like to include a deep exploration into the events and issues on this topic in 2019, and other relevant information to build out the topic. For this project, a student will review, synthesis, and tabulate available content on this topic ranging from news reporting on impacts and events related to supply chain social and environmental impact, notable events and progress in this space, and collect and analyze key related indicators such as the price of carbon and rates of child labor. The student will work directly with a team that is working on this and related projects and the research by the student will be used directly in a forthcoming report. The student will work with a Research Scientist and Doctoral Candidate at the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics, Dr. Alexis Bateman and Ms. Yin Jin Lee to understand the spread of available information, code the information, and analyze it upon preliminary results.


We are looking for someone who is strongly motivated, interested, and able to work (fairly) independently in the topic of study. The project is open to all relevant majors. No experience is required, but preferred skills include high reading comprehension, experience in content analysis and information coding, clear and concise writing, and some statistical analysis. Hours are flexible. Preference for those who have good availability during IAP. Opportunity to continue on for Spring depending on interest and performance.