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Spinning Aperture Telescope Testbed (Spin Ap) adsa




16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca M Masterson

Faculty email:


Apply by:

May 5th, 2020


If interested, email your resume to Alejandro Cabrales: cabrales@mit.edu

Project Description

Spinning aperture (Spin Ap) satellites have the potential to decrease the size, weight, and cost of in-space telescopes. The SSL is currently working on a dynamics and controls testbed to test the feasibility of such a spacecraft that only uses a rotating rectangular “strip” for a mirror. The goal for this project will be the further the testbed development by continuing the Robotic Operating Software (ROS) implementation as well as GUI design for performing tests. The first objective would be to port over the current ROS framework which includes the nodes for various sensors and actuators into a raspberry pi. Additionally, the UROP will continue to add nodes corresponding to the guidance, estimation, and control algorithms. The second objective would be to continue the development of the GUI. The UROP will utilize Python thinker for adding extra functionality to the current GUI. Applicants with familiarity in ROS (and particularly rospy) and Linux, ability to work well independently, and interest in space systems is desired.


- Familiarity with Robotic Operating System (ROS) from either projects or classes. - Experience in Linux based systems, python, and GUI development. - Ability to work well independently. If interested, email your resume to Alejandro Cabrales (cabrales@mit.edu)!