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Spin Ap: A Dynamic Testbed for a Spinning Apperture Satellite




16: Aeronautics and Astronautics

Faculty Supervisor:

Rebecca Masterson

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Project Description

Spinning aperture (Spin Ap) satellites have the potential to decrease the size, weight, and cost of in-space telescopes. The SSL is currently working on a dynamics and controls testbed to test the feasibility of such a spacecraft that only uses a rotating rectangular “strip” for a mirror. Whether you are interested in controls, dynamics, hardware, software, microprocessors, or CubeSats please join us in developing what could be the next big spinoff in remote sensing technology. The goal of this UROP project is to get the testbed up and running by the end of the semester. Possible tasks include setting up a reaction wheel controller, development of a PCB board, and integration of all the subsystems (reaction wheels, gyros, camera and magnetorquers, etc.) into the full testbed.


We are looking for one to two motivated UROPs with a passion for space and testbed development. If interest please reach out to the contact below and please include a resume. Knowledge in hardware development, Arduino and machining are a plus!