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Speech signal analysis: How words change their form in different contexts


IAP and Spring


24: Linguistics and Philosophy

Faculty Supervisor:

Dr. Stefanie Shattuck-Hufnagel

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Project Description

Studying how word forms change in continuous speech: phonology, phonetics and acoustic analysis Interested in speech signal analysis for Automatic Speech Recognition? Want to learn something about what kind of information the speech signal contains, what kinds of modifications and distortions occur in casual speech, how to model the human perceptual process that deals with these modification so ASR? This UROP project involves learning to use the Montreal forced aligner (which takes a spoken wave form and an orthographic transcription and aligns them), to test a hypothesis about what happens to the information in the speech signal when small grammatical words (like ‘the’, ‘to’, ‘of’ and ‘him’) get attached to the previous word, as in ‘A cuppa tea’ or ‘Give’m a break’. This project is appropriate if you are interested in the confluence of computer science, linguistics and cognitive processing; some familiarity with Matlab, signal processing and/or linguistic phonetics will be a plus but are not absolute pre-requisites. Pays $13 per hour; possibility of extension into the summer.


a commitment of 20 hours per week during IAP and 10 hours during the spring term